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"Moving Talent Forward"!

Bella Artist Group works on placement for upcoming talent with the global Talent INC.  event for all areas of the industry such as modeling, acting, theater, singing and dancing. We are currently accepting applicants 16 & up. No experience needed. If you would like to discuss attending this renowned audition showcase and have your chance to network and get placed with some of the most prominent agencies and leaders in the entertainment industry, schedule your meeting with one of our directors by filling out the form below. The Talent INC. event takes place in beautiful Orlando, FL then we would love for you to take this chance to discuss the best way that you can show your talent at the next event! We look forward to meeting you and bringing you on as the next

Bella Artist and Talent INC. success story!


Get Discovered!

"Stop Dreaming the Dream and Start LIVING it"!

Bella Artist Group takes pride in helping hundreds of Models, Actors, Singers, & Dancers achieve their dream every year. It all starts with YOU believing in yourself enough to take the time to invest, educate, and by partnering up with an award winning company such as

 Bella Artist Group and Talent INC.! 


All information provided through the Bella Artist appointment form is kept confidential and used for appointment setting purposes only. 

If an appointment is missed without prior notice, there will be a $25.00 rebooking fee if any applicant wishes to reschedule.

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